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Every year, thousands of people from all over the world find love on LatinLove has been helping match latina girls to both latina guys and international guys since it's inaugural launch in 2006, and now serves hundreds of thousands of singles from various countries. With the assistance, thousands of single men are able to meet, flirt and date with some of the most exotic girls in the world. LatinLove is the number one latina dating site for those looking to meet beautiful latin girls online.
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Kattia Seminario
Lo dificil, umm bueno me considero honesta, intelegiente, extrovertida, mis amigos dicen que tengo caracter fuerte y bueno si lo tengo, pero creo ser buena persona. lo que mas odio es la injusticia y la soledad, me encanta bailar y reir
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Glenn Hoey
REMEMBER THAT MEN MUST PAY ,,,, I can finally chat now ,, i had to get a new card sent from canada. The problem now is translating fast enough,,,it is hard work and slow,,,I thought there was an auto translator.I have one month to find that patient nonanxious rare one . [Now enjoying life in puerto penasco mexico,,.I am struggling to learn spanish.
I was a trucker and had a few crashes ,resulting in persistent pain.i do ok with pain meds though
so any interested ladies should know that .I could dance sometimes for instance.I have a dry humor ,and see humor in many things and make jokes ,, i guess it\'s the Irish influence from both grandads.So i like to have respectful fun.
my kids are married ,in thier 30\'s
I like to think of things to build that i can sell.
I am developing a small biomass portable generator to market ,,i think millions of people need a reliable quiet safe cheap scource of power.

I have been single for 25 years ,and no affairs,,which are so painful ,,i see other\'s go through,,but I would like a free critical thinking ,woman who does\'nt boss me around [ haha ] life would be much nicer,,, someone that thinks somewhat like Suzanne Venker ,,who is a writer on marriage. I look for a womans countenance far more than anything else,,,and am not looking for getting naked with someone as a priority as most expect all men do,,,but a wonderful nature ,,feminine and calm.I have been given a great love for kids ,,they are so abused by the marxist left .They say that 90% of communication is non verbal ,,but in body language and voice tone,,,but that is not possible with texting.They also say that text communication is misunderstood most of the time in some way
So what we are attempting to do here takes alot of patience and understanding to be successful.Then considering we live in a time when most people do not value patience, I am not pessimistic ,but i m a realist ,and i want to know the truth about whatever thing i hope to do.
I feel for everyone hoping for companionship as i do.
I am not an impulsive type,,,yet have deep feeling.
i do not go to night clubs seeking someone to take home.
I do not follow the changing ideas of what a man is, or is not.
neither do i dress or change my hair the ways hollywood or the entertainment industry dictates we should do.
do not play the image of a biker ,,or any image so many do.
there is great peace in being oneself,,,free
I worked at a rotorplane kit manufacturing company before,,,, and i wish i could have one here ,where there is wind ,,because they fly well in wind.
but i can make rotorplane kites for kids and adults,,, i am starting to design.
I do not reply to ladies with no foto in thier profile,,, and i respond to everyone that does.
I am not rich ,,, women looking for a wealthy man [goldiggers]can get on ,,, haha,, no kidding there is a site.
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