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Leopoldo LEO5975
46 years
165 cm
85 kg
Vienna / Austria
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I am looking for a gold-hearted, young lady, who is serious about a future together as life long partners. Please do not bother contacting me if you are only after Money, I wont send you any, so move on, please. I wish to take good care of my beloved lady and her child. She should be a cheerful, sweet girl, Serious, Honest, Loyal, Caring, who likes to Laugh and to spend my precious spare time together with me! Only Serious Proposals, please!!!
Kaos KAO6361
44 years
170 cm
66 kg
Sihanoukvil / Cambodia
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Hi i am a naughty guy I want find a naughty and horny girl here I hope have fun online Come speak with me girl,
i am not gold member i can not send you email here sorry,
please send me email with your personal information, Hi i hope find here a women open mean for have some fun
Daniel DAN2026
63 years
170 cm
82 kg
Denver / United States of America
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I am tired of going to sleep, and waking up alone...I will be happy to provide you with photos if you request. I just don't like having my image out here for the general public...I am not interested in a model, or anyone that THINKS she is a model. Have a nice day
Gustavo GUS4501
42 years
177 cm
79 kg
Santiago De / Spain
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Divertido detallista que adora la playa
Houston HOU8878
32 years
182 cm
76 kg
Lucas / United States of America
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Am Houston Lucas,am single and searching,am a simple and easy going king of person,i love nature so much...i love going to the beaches on weekends,i like pets so much like dogs,cats and birds,i love cooking,swimming and exercises...
Antonio ANT3379
60 years
174 cm
81 kg
Miami / United States of America
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Romantic and caring by nature....Down to earth person with great sense of humor....I am looking for a woman in the whole meaning of the word to walk together until the end of times.
Walter WAL4938
62 years
175 cm
82 kg
Dortmund / Germany
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I am looking for my princess. My heart in life, the center of love and tenderness.
I am honest, humorfull and looking for a woman who wants to be protected by me and is only living with me together.
She likes to be romantic with me,
Neo GOL6545
49 years
180 cm
93 kg
Buenos Aire / Argentina
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Busco latina bonita que le guste viajar y que no le tema a vivir las emociones que la vida le presenta.
Luís Augusto LUJ2618
58 years
159 cm
78 kg
Braga / Portugal
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conversar e fazer amigos por todo o mundo.
Antonio ANT6476
57 years
174 cm
70 kg
Arrecife / Spain
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Hola yo mismo ,sin mentiras ni falsas vidas, abstenerse aquellas personas sin fotos, no tengo la culpa de sus problemas ni soy la solucion de ellos

soy muy serio y busco seriamente, no soy uno de esos mierdas que hay en la pagina.
espero sepan reconocer un hombre de verdad
Horst Werner HOR2552
65 years
175 cm
88 kg
Stadtallend / Germany
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ich liebe das Leben,das Leben liebt mich,

ich hoffe es weniegstens, bis jetzt ging es gut

Ricardo MAS6502
21 years
159 cm
75 kg
Maturin / Venezuela
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conocer personas. no se como chatear con personas. comunicate conmigo a instagram: ricardojlrr
Luis LUI3071
60 years
178 cm
90 kg
Tijuana / Mexico
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optimista, alegre, no complicada,buena prescencia
Ricardo Alva Núñez CRI96001
41 years
170 cm
69 kg
Madrid / Spain
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queria conocer gente q se de buen caracter ya q veo q por este medio se conoce muchos sentimientos
Kevin KEV7247
43 years
187 cm
96 kg
Prestonsbur / United States of America
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I’m a single man looking to make friends and possibly a new relationship.
Marc MAR53230
51 years
169 cm
78 kg
Roth / Germany
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Looking for you...
Wanna have fun...
Joshua JOS98651
32 years
173 cm
116 kg
Jacksonvill / United States of America
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Hello, I hope you are having a great day. I will keep this short because I wouldn't want to rob us of good conversations getting to know each other. I am a down to earth guy that just loves to laugh and relax. I do not have time for games and drama. I am all about growing and reaching my dreams and goals no matter what life throws my way. I am a musician that plays several instruments and also a artist/designer. I wear many, many hats but I love it. One of my main goals is to run my studio business and make it successful in the states and other countries. And also be able to give back to the youth, especially minorities of different colors and other countries/islands, that don't have the ability or option to learn how the arts and music can help their lives. Yes I'm divorced and single, and if that is a red flag for you, I understand. And if you are curious as to why and the outcome, please ask, I don't have any problem talking about it. I know that everything happens for a reason and I'm not going to let one bad apple make me bad mouth all good women that are still left. One of my hobbies is working out so if you like to work out and get some gains, then you alright in my book. I workout at either powerhouse gym or planet fitness so if you go to either hit me up.I'll stop here for now. I don't wanna give out all the treats about me. So hit me up if you like what you see and read. I will be moving to LA soon which I'm excited. I will be over there in the spring to visit for a week too. So if you're in LA hit me up. I'll need a tour guide. ??Oh, and I am learning Spanish so if you speak it or learning it, you get bumped up the list. Just saying. :) Oh and don't worry, I'm not a catchfish and neither a f*** boy. I still don't know what that is and neither care to know. I was raised old schooland learned great wisdom throughout like. But that also doesn't mean you can just walk all over me or treat me like a dirty rag. Respect me and I'll return it. Don't, then I'm gone out the door.Gracias por leer mi perfil. Espero escuchar de usted. :)
Mike MIK7953
49 years
176 cm
85 kg
Tr / Germany
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I thank you for viewing my profile and I look forward to hearing more about you.
I trust we can become good friends and swap stories, photos and if you would like me to send you a photo of myself, let me know and I will arrange this.

Well, I will start off by telling you a little bit about myself:
I am single, no children and I live in the south western part of Germany.
I´m a caring, sharing person with a great sense of humour… I enjoy a good chat and a good laugh around.
But I´m not looking for my soulmate or for my future wife here !
I´m just interested in correspondence with people from all over the world and in making great friendship over the miles.

I like to read books and watch films ( …fantastic stories are my favorites ).
I love to travel around; I have been to many places in Asia, like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand.

But some of my interests are those of a dreamer.
Since I was in the age of 25 years, I carry a rough concept for a weird fantasy/mystery tale in my mind, which I would love to write down and illustrate ( ...with drawings or photo collages ).
But somehow I miss specific inspirations...
Maybe you could help me with your ideas ?
I don´t know if you have a sense for fantastic tales or not... But maybe I should give you some informations about the story:
It´s about a man who got shrunk in size by some sort of magic, ending up as a 15 centimetres ( 6 inches ) small captive in a doll´s house of a possessive young woman.
The house itself becomes his prison in which he has no chance to hide or escape from the woman´s hands.
The specific inspirations I´m looking for are not about the background storyline, but about the woman´s actions when she takes the man in her hand to abduct him or to take him out of the doll´s house.
Sometimes I imagine myself as the captive... and I know that I would try to resist or to escape.
I now want to know how the woman would respond... or better, what she would do.
So, I´m searching for inspirations given by a woman who is willing to participate as the actress of the woman in my story.
Those inspirations could be texts and pictures... Pictures of her hand, reaching out or in position like she is holding a small man, which I could later use for photo collaging or as patterns for drawings.

So, if you are interested in me and my story, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

All the best,


Rabal RAB5867
49 years
162 cm
64 kg
Montreal / Canada
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Busco el amor verdadero. No mentiras. No me importa. Color raza situacion economica. Solo busco a alguien que me quiera como soy.. ..No alguien que quiera con conditiones. Por dinero o un estatus ???? He tenido mala experiencia en el amor y ando buscando cinceridad y amor. Si estas intetesada mandar correo electrinoco.numero de tel. O otro medio para comunicarnos mejor porfavor.
Richard RIC8212
59 years
175 cm
65 kg
Ponce / Puerto Rico
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Hard worked, Honesty , Loyaty and Lovely.I work like a Financial Analyst, I have a Master degree, I live alone in my our house . financial stable, I believe in God he always bless me.I am looking a Honest, Lovely and Sweet lady.