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Serge SER6153
63 ปี
181 เซนติเมตร
91 กิโลกรัม
Orlando / United States of America
สวัสดีขอบคุณสําหรับการเยี่ยมชมโปรไฟล์ของฉัน. Hola, muchas gracias por visitar mi perfil. Hello, thanks for visiting my profile. I am an authentic good man, educated, intelligent and trustworthy. I am looking for a fun loving, witty and sincere woman. Florida, USA, is my home State. I am compassionate, considerate, and passionate when I am in love. I am happy but would love to share my happiness with a woman special to me. I am open minded and curious about other culture, such as, South American and Asian. I like a lot of things and would like to experience and share what you like, it would be nice for a change. I like nature, animals, city, big cities as well and walk on the beach very much. Romantic dinner setting with candle and walk on the beach are certainly the best way for romance and mutual understanding. Good couple relationships are based on Harmony, trust and mutual respect. In that aspect, I'd like to stay in the conservative gentlemen guide lines. Please: no illegal stuff, erradic and non sensical business. Thank you for your time in reading, I'd like to hear from you.