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Trienkoboer TRI9118
37 years
175 cm
60 kg
Rotterdam / Netherlands
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Looking for brown women between 35/52
David DAV3779
64 years
171 cm
76 kg
Chicago / United States of America
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I am divorced for many years now and would like to change that.
Carlos CAR56502
75 years
180 cm
82 kg
Lima Santia / Peru
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Oscar ochoa OSC7035
26 years
166 cm
55 kg
Santa Ana / El Salvador
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Pues me gusta hacer ejercicio y escuchar música las motos
George GEO6693
70 years
181 cm
79 kg
Houston / United States of America
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i am a peaceful laid back person ...looking for someone like me who wants a longterm relationshnip and maybe marriage. common interests too How can I make you Happy Let us ,you and me make a life together!
Juan JUA6339
57 years
168 cm
63 kg
San Jose / Costa Rica
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Me gusta ir al gimnasio, jugar fútbol e ir a la playa. Me gustaría que mi pareja comparta lo mas posible conmigo.
Alexei ALE82710
69 years
170 cm
65 kg
Toronto / Canada
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Hi my name is Alexei 100% nice man from Toronto, Canada, I'm 55yo single never married King,,,and I'm looking for my Queen to be,,, Ages, 31 to 39 ONLY PLEASE, To get married and to have kids,,, I speak Hebrew too.
Jesus JES4664
22 years
187 cm
68 kg
San Felipe / Venezuela
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Me gusta las películas de terror y tiene que gustarle también
Gerald GER6912
54 years
170 cm
68 kg
Houston / Germany
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My hobbies / interests:

- Music - Wine and dine - Meeting friends - Family - Pets - to go to the beach - Computer/Internet - Having fun - Shopping - Politics - nice restaurants and romantic nigths

How I am:

- straight - independent - honest - true - romantic - humorous - hard-working - idealistic - confident - intelligent -

How you should be:

- optimistic - spirited - uncomplicated - tolerant - honest - true - passionate - romantic - intelligent - sympathetic -

How you should not be:

- pessimistic - impatient - obstinate - capricious - bitchy - lavish -

Mike MIK2005
46 years
183 cm
85 kg
Dortmund / Germany
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Looking for honest relationship with sweet Lady
Carl CAR6985
50 years
183 cm
100 kg
Gulf Breeze / United States of America
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Hello. I live in Gulf Breeze Florida. I work for the U.S. government.

Brent BRE4314
62 years
170 cm
70 kg
Seabeck / United States of America
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I'm easygoing, Faithful, Enjoy cooking and camping, listing to music photography or just cuddling up and watching a good movie. I'm not looking for just a lover but someone that will be my best friend. I really don't care about sitting around and watching sports, it always bored me. I don't go hanging out at the bars but i don't mind taking my woman out for a drink and dinner. I enjoy traveling and learning other cultures or just getting in the car on going on a road trip.I am very patient. I will go into a relationship with total trust.

I'm looking for a faithful woman that's truthful, without drama all of the times. I don't expect perfection, i know all relationships have disagreements, just would like somebody that knows how to resolve issues without blowing up. My woman must enjoy trying new foods (i like cooking). She must be open minded and into to trying new things. i don't want somebody that is always jealous since i do not cheat there is never a reason for it. someone that is not a phone addict. When i find that person i will cherish her.
Stuart STU6261
53 years
194 cm
87 kg
Chicago / United States of America
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I enjoy nudism and making videos
Jero JER2576
33 years
153 cm
Not specified
Panama / Panama
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Jens PAU3151
46 years
192 cm
98 kg
Schönberg / Germany
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Hi, I´m Jens,
at first , thanks for visit my Profil. I realy hope that you are agree with some things here. Than you are right here.
Im searching for people all over the world, to find some interesting people, and maybe miss right?

I realy like to go windsurfen in Denmark, go by bike or by my motorbike. I like to enjoy the nature with my partner, with the Kids, or all together.
If you are open minded too, than write a short massage, and ill answer you.

Im not a fake, and i will be very honest with you.
See you soon ;-)
Dcarmonar DCA5527
45 years
170 cm
89 kg
Monterrey / Mexico
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Divertido, amaroso, trabajador
Luis Alberto LUI0998
33 years
173 cm
80 kg
Valencia / Venezuela
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Trabajador, Inteligente, Divertido, Súper Sincero Honesto.
Saul David SAU6688
26 years
161 cm
59 kg
Managua / Nicaragua
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I am a kind person and I have good values and I am looking for a woman who is honest, respectful and kind
Mark XDR3183
48 years
185 cm
122 kg
Usa / United States of America
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Hi... so I am a white american, but I like pinay so I posted in manila. a few years ago I had a pinay gf. I bought her an outfit to wear for me (boots,skirt,top) and she said it was unfair she dressed up and I didnt. she had me get an outfit of my own to wear for her, and I kinda liked wearing it for her. unfortunetly she married someone else. I didnt know it was a race to the phils to meet her. she married the first one there. I know I am a little weird. but hoping I might find another woman into this. I only wear in the privacy of my house, never in public and I haven't done anything with a man yet either

Ray RAY9165
66 years
189 cm
103 kg
Raleigh / United States of America
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I'm a kind passionate and caring person. I'd like to meet a adventerous person.I really don't know what to say about myself so I'll start that I have a wonderful sense of humor and can definitely laugh at myself. I like to dabble in the kitchen and try to cook I haven't killed myself yet so I must not be doing to bad. I love movies, I'll watch just about any movies for the artistic and entertainment value of it. I like to listen to just about any kind of music I have a diverse sense of music being raise around all kinds, including Jazz, Classical, R&B, Rock and Pop. I hope one day to fulfill my dream of traveling the world and get as many stamps on my passport as possible. I'm handy with my hands I can do all sorts of home projects, and repairs. I'm an avid reader, I will read just about anything, my friends and family say I'm a wealth of useless knowledge but you never know when it might come in handy. Commitment-wise, I'm pretty casual... but if it becomes serious later on, I won't complain. When I'm out driving I like having a friend along. The philosophy I live by is stay relaxed, stay mellow, stay loose and be open to whatever happens. When I'm at home alone, I'm calling up friends who want to cure their boredom with me. I like to meet new friends and gain new perspectives. On Sunday afternoons I like to go somewhere I've never been before. I'm not changing my life, but I want to explore a few new options and see how it works out.