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Kenneth KEN2094
58 years
193 cm
84 kg
United Stat / United States of America
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com little more about myself, I try to be pretty athletic - I love bicycling! Ilike to spend a lot of time outdoors, and take every opportunity to gooutside and enjoy the world. Some of my other interests are; music - Ilisten to all kinds and really enjoy going to concerts and seeing liveperformances - art and live theatre, books and movies, and travel whenI can. don't drink, smokor take drugs of any kind. It's hard to tell from this letter, but Ido have a very good sense of humor, and have a very calm andoptimistic temperament.I really am a very decent, nice and sincere person with a goodattitude and open attitude towards life.if you like what I've said so far and you'd like tocontinue our correspondence, please write again and sand me photos to Face book me : Ken Washington in Greensboro, North Carolina, you will see a picture of me wearing a military jacket, you also could Ken Washington in Greensboro or you can search me by my, xxxxxxxxxxx number isplease send my a message
Alberto ALB4044
39 years
174 cm
80 kg
Bogota / Colombia
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Soy profesional acuerpado, trabajo independiente, soy extrovertido y muy sincero, exigente y programado, me gustan los deportes de agua. busco amistad con dama bonita, inteligente y extrovertida en Colombia.
Gus GUS1282
43 years
176 cm
78 kg
Santiago De / Spain
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Adoro la playa Serio Fiel Detallista
Basilio ZZM6051
48 years
176 cm
83 kg
Df / Mexico
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Me gustaría conocer damas por este medio, y si se da algo, adelante...
Joshua JOS98651
33 years
173 cm
116 kg
Jacksonvill / United States of America
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Hello, I hope you are having a great day. I will keep this short because I wouldn't want to rob us of good conversations getting to know each other. I am a down to earth guy that just loves to laugh and relax. I do not have time for games and drama. I am all about growing and reaching my dreams and goals no matter what life throws my way. I am a musician that plays several instruments and also a artist/designer. I wear many, many hats but I love it. One of my main goals is to run my studio business and make it successful in the states and other countries. And also be able to give back to the youth, especially minorities of different colors and other countries/islands, that don't have the ability or option to learn how the arts and music can help their lives. Yes I'm divorced and single, and if that is a red flag for you, I understand. And if you are curious as to why and the outcome, please ask, I don't have any problem talking about it. I know that everything happens for a reason and I'm not going to let one bad apple make me bad mouth all good women that are still left. One of my hobbies is working out so if you like to work out and get some gains, then you alright in my book. I workout at either powerhouse gym or planet fitness so if you go to either hit me up.I'll stop here for now. I don't wanna give out all the treats about me. So hit me up if you like what you see and read. I will be moving to LA soon which I'm excited. I will be over there in the spring to visit for a week too. So if you're in LA hit me up. I'll need a tour guide. ??Oh, and I am learning Spanish so if you speak it or learning it, you get bumped up the list. Just saying. :) Oh and don't worry, I'm not a catchfish and neither a f*** boy. I still don't know what that is and neither care to know. I was raised old schooland learned great wisdom throughout like. But that also doesn't mean you can just walk all over me or treat me like a dirty rag. Respect me and I'll return it. Don't, then I'm gone out the door.Gracias por leer mi perfil. Espero escuchar de usted. :)
Raymond RAY2741
71 years
161 cm
75 kg
Espanola / United States of America
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Honest,Caring,Loving.Well dressed, keep a clean home. Like to cook. There is more that I will do for the love of my life. the women I want will need to be a good wife to love me as who I am.
Ben BEN4528
67 years
153 cm
107 kg
Auckland / New Zealand
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honest loving person don't drink or smoke partner same as myself
Larry LAR9220
54 years
184 cm
87 kg
College Par / United States of America
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First I want you to know I think Latin women are the most beautiful in the world. I only date Latin women because they are beautiful and sensual ( trust me I am aware of your temper, but it is all about your passion) :) With that being said I have been around a long time so I know every scam in the book. I am sorry if you lost your phone or it was stolen but I am not going to send you money for a new one. I do not send money to people I do not know, so don't waste your time. I travel all over the world and have no problem visiting anywhere if I think it will be worthwhile. If you have a visa and wish to visit I would love to meet you, but I am not going to send you money for an airplane ticket ( that is why I have credit cards) or to help you get a visa. I am full aware there are a lot of desperate men out there but I am not one of them. I would love to meet and find someone to marry, that is why I am on here. If you are sincere and honest let's try this because we all know without honesty there is nothing. Besos!!
Mathias NOB7652
55 years
190 cm
92 kg
Brunswick / Germany
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Thanks that you take the time to visit my Profile.
Now I have to tell you something about me. But it's not so easy...
Better ask me what you like to know.

PS: I would like to learn Spanish...
and I'm sorry, until this you should speak a little bit English or German.
Miller MIL8980
52 years
168 cm
72 kg
Buga / Colombia
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Rafael RAF2822
69 years
176 cm
66 kg
Ottawa / Canada
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I am quiet, working professional, optimistic and romantic, I like the outdoors and nature. I am looking for a quiet, understanding lady with similar characteristics.
Jose JOS45905
66 years
182 cm
82 kg
Ensenada / Mexico
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Divorced for 37 years and tired of being alone seeking easy going honest woman.
Alejo ALE9521
45 years
169 cm
74 kg
Pereira / Colombia
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tranquila, simpatica, amable y buena onda
Russell RUS5062
57 years
175 cm
68 kg
Kentucky / United States of America
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Hi hello to you. Thank you for viewing my profile. Welcome. I am a deeply Christian man, a child of the most HIGH GOD, through faith in our LORD JESUS. NOT a perfect man, but joyously seeking spiritual growth. I love our creator GOD and commit my living life for HIS kingdom.

I am a sensible, down to earth, non pretentual, very real, honest, faithful, loving, compassionate and very romantically hopeFUL, very clean cut, straight forward, no tattoos, no piercings, never never any drugs, no criminal and I use little or no alcohol. I am a very serious family man faithfully having raised my sons. I am now devoted to finding a faithful, loving lady for marriage. I am devoted in prayer in searching for a real Lady who loves and serves our Lord, following HIS precepts, someone who knows what real love is and expresses that in her daily walk; someone to share a very special relationship with, hopefully leading to a wonderful life of devotion, companionship and committed love. Seeking a wonderfully loving lady. I seek what money will NEVER buy; love, devotion, commitment, eyes full of love, joy, compassion, etc.

I deeply desire to live and share life with a lady as one in the LORD with peace, understanding, growing in spirit, deeper love, romance, passion and compassion to each other and the people around us. Worldyl material things are not important to me. I do enjoy things, but for me, the most important in life is the beauty spiritual and love, in truth, given to others. I value and deeply honor a sweet committed lady and the wisdom our GOD shall place in her heart to be my true and amazing lady. A strong love relationship comes as a gift from GOD to love and be loved. Then that love is shared toward each other. All things in this life can be overcome together, hand in hand, heart to heart, mind to mind, both in difficult and peaceful times. Sharing the joy and conpanionship in all of life as partners committed to each other in growth.

I am a man of romance and passion. Passion for the special, divine relationship toward one lady. For me, there is nothing more important in life to know a sweetheart is waiting for me and I for her. A loving, passionate relationship that will forever always come first above all other things. When two share this dream, the relationship of passion, love, trust, honesty and respect all life's obstacles can be overcome together.

I deeply desire and enjoy romance, affection, closeness in daily activities small and large. Hold my hand and I am joined. Kiss me and i can sing a new song. Love me and I am blessed.

As your SPIRIT connects with the words of my heart, I await you eagerly.

Let us join hearts in the LORD !!! : ) : )
Julio JUL1585
54 years
170 cm
61 kg
Toronto / Canada
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busco chica hogarena sinpatica con sentido de homor ycarinosa
John JOH3258
64 years
180 cm
100 kg
Rosarito Be / Mexico
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Mike MIK2106
60 years
171 cm
87 kg
Chillicothe / United States of America
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Am a loving and caring gentle man with a very nice heart, I am full of life and I love everything in life. I am a very optimistic gentle man and I have a positive outlook on life. I love to laugh and be happy at all times, I also like to make others around me laugh and be happy. I am a hard working man, I love traveling all over the world as I like to learn more about people and their cultures. I am ready to try anything once, if its good, I will do it again.( Meaning I will remain in that good thing forever). Am a nice man but no woman, Therefore, I am looking for a woman, who wants to be loved 100% and in return she will love me the same way. Am serious, humble, faithful, honest and very easy going person.
Omar OMA1780
27 years
170 cm
70 kg
Lima / Peru
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Thomas THO2404
61 years
172 cm
87 kg
Saint Simon / United States of America
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Outgoing, spontaneous, friendly, spiritual, family oriented, loves to travel, loves the outdoors, enjoy meeting new people. Potential mate must have the same interests.Judging a book by its cover never gives the whole story! !
Pat PAT4231
66 years
173 cm
88 kg
Lewisburg / United States of America
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I am a gentleman first.I have long hair and tattoos and ride a harley davidson motorcycle. I like travel, photography,internet. I am looking for a lady that wants a long lasting forever type relationship.I hope she likes to ride motorcycles.