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Francisco FRA1715
49 years
176 cm
71 kg
Beziers / France
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yo busco relacion seria , que me ame y yo igual amarla respetarla y que me respete complacerla y que me complasca disfrutar el tiempo que estemos juntos al maximo
Marten MAR13113
29 years
179 cm
80 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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Welcome to my Profile, , I'm just looking for Miss Perfect // Mrs. Wright,

the right and not the perfect. I like to be loyal and loyal I'm rich in college
education As an experienced consultant in the international economy continue
I love sense of humor.
I very much believe in the compatibility between two people, which gives us the comfort we felt at ease.
For me, communication, humor and sincerity are key points
I am a man complex, funny, fun, intelligent (I put said to be a complete mix)
I am very open and is in Gemini, I think they are defined by unpredictability, take the good chance to live your life qwe are gettung older enjoy life in all directions
John JOH1491
60 years
186 cm
92 kg
Las Vegas / United States of America
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someone that I am attracted to but not just attractive but someone that I can get along with and they with me. We can communicate and have fun.
Torsten TOR0751
50 years
180 cm
93 kg
Cologne / Germany
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alles kann, nichts muss
Daniel DAN2026
65 years
170 cm
82 kg
Denver / United States of America
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I am tired of going to sleep, and waking up alone...I will be happy to provide you with photos if you request. I just don't like having my image out here for the general public...I am not interested in a model, or anyone that THINKS she is a model. Please don't ask me for money.
The moment you do, will be the moment we never speak again. At present I am no longer a paid member , here, so if you are not already in my contact list, the page does not allow me to leave you messages. I am not being rude or ignoring you, it is just there rules.
Have a nice day. I you are one of those people that cannot walk down the street without your face buried in your cell phone, don't contact me, Your phone is obviously more important to you.....How sad...If you don't have a photo, don't even bother. I don't talk to ghosts
James JAM52320
59 years
183 cm
82 kg
Moss Point / United States of America
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im nice and caring and honest im looking for someone that can be loveing,careing and wants a happy live with each other
Luis CAR48600
49 years
180 cm
97 kg
Guanare / Venezuela
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soy un caballero responsabre , con principios cristianos .
David DDG4215
58 years
183 cm
82 kg
Arlington / United States of America
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I am very romantic and loving, I am a very good man........ I am looking for a women I can love and who want to be loved by me!!!!
Are you the women I am looking for? if you want a good man than hit me back.....I need a women who like affection and attention..who wants to build a like together.sharing our dreams and love with me, someone who will be there in good and bad times. I want someone to love,...will that be you?????? I am very romantic and loving,caring
Phil PHI1970
41 years
181 cm
83 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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Looking for serious relationship with harmony
Steven STE4798
33 years
180 cm
76 kg
Stuttgart / Germany
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Single European man,looking for his soulmate
Darrick DAR1730
45 years
165 cm
65 kg
Ludwigsburg / Germany
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I am a multicultural person. Therefore, I like to travel in nice countries. I try to respect other cultures an traditions. Sometimes it is difficult, but i try :-)
At the moment i try to learn a little bit Spanish, so when i travel in middle/south America i hopefully can understand an talk a little bit to the people.
I also like to make sports.
I am learning Latin-dancing (like salsa (cubana) and bachata).

If you are sportive and like to travel too, we can enjoy life and have fun.
A bit later in the future when everything goes well we can build up our own family with children.
Ja AGU3699
33 years
174 cm
80 kg
Mexico / Mexico
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Bobby BOB1446
60 years
188 cm
109 kg
Hayward / United States of America
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Down to earth sincere and gd hearted...loves animals and nature..marraige minded..
Keith KEI4841
34 years
188 cm
100 kg
Dublin / Ireland
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I find latina women the most beautiful in the world and am hoping to find myself a beauty all of my own
George GEO1393
57 years
179 cm
45 kg
Florida / United States of America
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Friendly and honest man seeking for an serious relationship
Vinorosso VIN7624
40 years
170 cm
67 kg
Rome / Italy
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Ser feliz es prioridad, Feliz sin vivir en mentiras, feliz viendo hechos.
Jo JON4321
36 years
178 cm
72 kg
Allentown / United States of America
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I am a hardworking family oriented person seeking same as the partner and spouse of my life and family
Liandris LIA7676
32 years
172 cm
64 kg
Isla de la / Cuba
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Vivo enamorado de la vida para así darle amor a los que me rodean
Ricardo alva nuñez asi CRI96001
43 years
170 cm
69 kg
........... / Spain
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David DAV5262
60 years
173 cm
79 kg
Hemet / United States of America
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looking for someone to share my life with