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Fernando FER7295
57 years
180 cm
81 kg
Cordoba / Argentina
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Amo la gente Latina y quisiera conocer gente con buena onda para amistad por ahora mas adelante verenos SOY ARGENTINO te dejo mi correo me podes hubicar por face <br
Bo BOG9883
49 years
184 cm
79 kg
Mainz / Germany
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siempre me borran el correo...
Daniel DAN2026
66 years
170 cm
82 kg
Denver / United States of America
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I am tired of going to sleep, and waking up alone...I will be happy to provide you with photos if you request. I just don't like having my image out here for the general public...I am not interested in a model, or anyone that THINKS she is a model. Please don't ask me for money.
The moment you do, will be the moment we never speak again. At present I am no longer a paid member , here, so if you are not already in my contact list, the page does not allow me to leave you messages. I am not being rude or ignoring you, it is just there rules.
Have a nice day. I you are one of those people that cannot walk down the street without your face buried in your cell phone, don't contact me, Your phone is obviously more important to you.....How sad...If you don't have a photo, don't even bother. I don't talk to ghosts
Nick NIC6005
35 years
178 cm
75 kg
Vancouver / Canada
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Looking for love, find someone to share my life with
Erick ERI3074
33 years
175 cm
74 kg
Houston / United States of America
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i am a quiet person that likes to read and listen to music
i like to draw and and watch cartoons don't watch tv much but like to see movies.
Darrick DAR1730
46 years
165 cm
65 kg
Ludwigsburg / Germany
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I am a multicultural person. Therefore, I like to travel in nice countries. I try to respect other cultures an traditions. Sometimes it is difficult, but i try :-)
At the moment i try to learn a little bit Spanish, so when i travel in middle/south America i hopefully can understand an talk a little bit to the people.
I also like to make sports.
I am learning Latin-dancing (like salsa (cubana) and bachata).

If you are sportive and like to travel too, we can enjoy life and have fun.
A bit later in the future when everything goes well we can build up our own family with children.
Ray RAY3009
74 years
171 cm
72 kg
Southgate / United States of America
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I am a positive, outgoing, romantic, affectionate guy with a sense of humor and a love of people. I stay in shape, love to travel, love family, and love music. My favorite things are family, relationships, beaches, daily physical activity, reading, studying, travel, people, and playing the piano. I've enjoyed two careers in my life--teaching (math, science, and history), and running my own marketing business. I retired in 2012 and have enjoyed the freedom much, and had expected and did discover that there was still an unlimited list of exciting things to do—that there is STILL not enough time in each day to do all the things I want to do. But I've also found that it's hard for me to stay out of the classroom. I LOVE giving to kids, and I love academics. But I know I could be easily persuaded to drop that temporary dalliance by the right woman if she felt the need to tempt me away.I have begun to love the beaches of Florida—specifically, on the Gulf. But also enjoy skiing in winter and hiking in summer—especially in places like Ontario, the Upper Peninsula, New Hampshire, Maine and the Smokies.I also love to play tennis, rollerblade, swim laps (even more exciting—swim in open water in the Gulf or Lake Michigan for example), and the occasional round of golf.I love good movies, popcorn, concerts, classical music, and a variety of non-classical music. By now, in case you haven't figured this out, I am NEVER bored!I believe that if a couple loves each other, they will find ways to enjoy many activities together. They will always be looking for fun things to do together and ways to build traditions and memories. They will be always looking for ways to make each other feel special, loved. They will never take each other for granted.You are positive, energetic, outgoing, attractive, educated, intelligent, fun, affectionate, romantic, at least somewhat athletic and somewhat fit, supportive, someone who communicates easily, and someone who loves to make sure her man knows where home is. I love to see my woman dressed up pretty, but I like her to be comfortable and dressed down when it's time. And she will want to make me feel wanted by her. I will make sure that she knows that she is wanted by me. I love life. I am looking for a woman who loves life!
Ricardo alva nuñez CRI96001
44 years
170 cm
69 kg
Madrid / Spain
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Paul PAU1260
60 years
177 cm
76 kg
Guadalajara / Mexico
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semi-retired american english instructor. divorced 7 yrs. I am Californian but I prefer the life in Mexico. Hope to marry a sincere, honest,slender, intelligent, non-smoker -- with or without children. I have no interest in aventuras or amantes. Matrimonio...yes. My partner must be fit for the beach. Please be active, flaca o delgada. Age is unimportant. Maturity...very impt. I love reading, music, and movies. I prefer movies at home with my dog and popcorn. I enjoy one beer with dinner but NEVER go out drinking with the guys.
Gwendell GWE7374
59 years
193 cm
103 kg
Willemstad / Curacao
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i need a lady smart honest also understand life ,,with good soul and heart and love god
Antonio ANT9172
55 years
179 cm
77 kg
Bogotá / Colombia
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Hazuja HAN4785
62 years
177 cm
85 kg
Emmen / Switzerland
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cero cero cuatro uno siete nueve siete seis tres tres tres seis cuatro
Luis CAR48600
50 years
180 cm
97 kg
Guanare / Venezuela
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soy un caballero responsabre , con principios cristianos .
Mika MIK2051
63 years
180 cm
81 kg
Ludwigshafe / Germany
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Ich suche eine nette, gutaussehende Dame, die sowohl in Jeans als auch im Abendkleid einen guten Auftritt hat. Intelligenz und Wissen sollte das ganze abrunden.
Edward EDW4058
45 years
170 cm
70 kg
Quito / Ecuador
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hola soy un ser humano sencillo que gusta de los placeres de la vida, espero me permitas descubrir que hay detras de esa mirada
Thomas THO2560
55 years
169 cm
75 kg
Cork / Ireland
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I'm fun loving and enjoy everything. looking for someone who enjoys life and living day to day. Life is short so enjoy!
Ulf ULF7591
56 years
196 cm
115 kg
Gothenburg / Sweden
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Hi i am 52 swedish guy who is .
I cant answer in here
Mark MAR15942
67 years
173 cm
75 kg
Heriot Bay / Canada
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young at heart and flexible of mind and body, conceived and born in the year of the snake, and have a fiery disposition, vegetarian by nature, i like raw fruits. i prefer quality over quantity, and endeavor to do well in all my undertakings. i am a natural man and prefer naturalness in a woman, i am looking for permanence in a relationship, with a life partner for my remaining years. a possible sailing lifestyle seems attractive. for now i keep my feet on the ground, i like to read to pass time and write poems, i enjoy silence, bicycling, yog exercises, frisbee, chess, badminton, meditation, the beach, free form tai chi, natural photography, a good movie at home, preparing good organic healthy vegetarian meals, working in the garden, walking in the forest, on the beach or park. my interests include computers and electronic technology as well as their application to human well being, bio-ceramics, all manner of ethical scientific inquiry. i like the idea of a small organic farm and would like to develop a healing retreat for myself and visitors. i am interested in a younger woman, although if someone was really harmonious it wouldn’t really matter. although i follow no formal religion, i have written a short dissertation called "life lessons" and make it freely available. i am looking for a woman who has stillness of mind, is natural in body, gentle in demeanor and peacefull of disposition.
Roberto ROB1252
58 years
180 cm
100 kg
Capital Def / Argentina
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Soy Argentino me gusta disfrutar de la vida sin hacerles problemas a los demas
Mark MAR54029
64 years
185 cm
86 kg
Sacramento / United States of America
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Semi retired after many years of hard work. looking to meet a healthy and happy woman for relationship. I look forward to travel and fun.
I am single with no children and wish to meet a woman for friendship.
If your interested in starting a conversation please send me a note. I am not into games, hope you are not either.