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Sara SAR9416
30 years
150 cm
45 kg
Leon de los / Mexico
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Me gusta leer
Itati ITA2090
56 years
165 cm
52 kg
Veracruz / Mexico
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I am lovely,loyal,affectionate,kind,caring,warm,honest,
romantic woman. I like to read,travel,cook,nature,movie,
theater,to do exercise,music,gardening,romantic dinner
with my partner.
I am looking for serious relationship with romantic,lovely,
affectionate,serious man.Well, is the time of... i am? ok, i am very very caress, affectionate, very curious in a good way, respectfully, easy going, I always am happy, i am one men woman, very very tender woman, honest, I believe in God, and i pray by the world peace.
I like fun, read a book,candels, romantic dinning, stay in home watching movies with you,
walking, hiking, the sea, camping, enjoy a cup or coffee or thé or a glass of wine whit you,
pets,make new things, learn new things , I can leave everything to be with the person I love, for the love of my life, so, try me, I love challenges, but mostly peaceful life, simple things make me happy, but I also like to enjoy the good things in life, I like to travel when I can, and I like to give my love massage when he is tired or stressed, of course i like kisses and hugs but only with you.i have more but i tell you later...(smile)
You are easy going, very tender, of course you like kisses and hugs., and you are strong , healthy, young heart, one woman man, you like smell very good to me, i do not like the perfect
man because i am not perfect ,I consider an attractive woman, but i am not looking for faces or bodies, but a good heart and a nice feelings man, someone who love me with no reasons, and he consider be with me the next 50 years...
Rocío ROC9131
68 years
160 cm
60 kg
Durango / Mexico
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El hombre que espero, debe tener la capacidad de ser feliz.
Mariana MAR71725
37 years
165 cm
65 kg
Veracruz / Mexico
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So, who am I?
Forensic psychologist a bit tired of the job (it’s not easy to deal with people who have been involved in some xxxxx events everyday)
I’m the kind of person who doesn’t know anything about fashion or tendencies and honestly don’t give a damn about it. I don’t really like to wear makeup but when I do I put a lot of effort and got something for smokey eyes. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes but you can expect me to buy lots of CD, stationery and spend money on musical instruments because I have something for instruments.
I don’t like to argue over stupid stuff and when I get tired of discussing something, chances are I will say “do as you wish” which doesn’t mean I agree with you, it only means I got tired of arguing.
I’m all about DIY, I designed my own house and worked in most of the decoration process including cutting the tiles and paste them on the floor, I have a tendency to need a lot of time on my own, it’s not that I hate the people I live with but I really enjoy my time alone.
I love dogs, and I’m the kind of person who will be picking up stray animals if I think they need help, I love gardening and have my own project at home.
I’m proud of Mexico, I think it’s a beautiful country and I wish I could travel all over the country.
Not into videogames, superheroes nor anime and manga, but I admit I have watched some anime series which I like and play some games (mostly car racing)
What I’m REALLY looking for:
I wish I could find interesting people to exchange messages to talk HONESTLY about life. Not willing to play a role and don’t expect you to play a role. I have a comfortable life on my own so it’s not like I’ll be flirting with you. I rather get to know real people than the character you might think I’ll like.
Don’t send me nudes or messages where you start calling me “beautiful, honey, baby” or any of those stupid words if you are looking for a wife to have kids with look some place else. I DON’T LIKE KIDS unless they are over nine.
I don’t xxxxx so if you’re too sensitive forgive my honesty or go somewhere else.
If you think we could have something to talk about say Hi
Ericka ERI0263
42 years
165 cm
75 kg
Jalisco / Mexico
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Soy muy discreta y directa , hablemos y a ver qué pasa...
Monica Yadira MON7595
53 years
155 cm
62 kg
Sonora / Mexico
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I am Looking for True love!!.
Andrea AND0087
38 years
155 cm
55 kg
Cuautitlán / Mexico
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Me gusta la honestidad,me agrada se sociable, me gusta bailar y quisiera conocer personas q les guste salir a divertirse en sus tiempos libres
Jorge JOR1522
78 years
170 cm
68 kg
Guadalajara / Mexico
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Honesto, Leal, Trabajador, Responsable, valores y principios, sencillo, no complicado, mi media naranja, lo mas parecido posible a Mis caracteristicas mostradas en parrafos anteriores
Monica MON9013
50 years
150 cm
42 kg
Merida / Mexico
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Soy sincera,leal,fiel,me encanta el cine y la msica,estar con mis hijos,leer y sobre todo divertida y alegre.
Virginia VIR2936
68 years
155 cm
60 kg
Puebla De Z / Mexico
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Honesta, odio la mentira.
Noemi NOE1930
36 years
155 cm
80 kg
Monterrey / Mexico
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ME encanta la banda
Mar TER3799
48 years
160 cm
59 kg
Mexico / Mexico
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hola busco amistad conocer diferentes culturas
Daniela DAN7144
21 years
160 cm
-- kg
Guadalajara / Mexico
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Soy ser libre
Marilyn MAR53793
38 years
163 cm
61 kg
Mp / Mexico
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I'm a happy girl, charismatic, perhaps simple, I enjoy the little things that give spice to life, I like science, music, I love dance and sing.
Difficult things life has, but you learn when you live them.
If you learn a lot of love, you learn more from mistakes.
I'm romantic, I am a retailer and I like honesty.
I like to cook, I'm very femenine.
Well, many things that you will discover,
for me the praise of others is better...

I know that there is no perfect person, but there is a right one for me
someone who enjoys life at my side
who knows woman's worth
I like courtship, chivalry in a man, the details and gentleness.
as well as I like to be retail and I like to surprise.
For me, love is not looking at each other, for me love is looking both towards the same direction.
Mis MIS1761
40 years
162 cm
67 kg
Ciudad Neza / Mexico
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Que sea sincero amoroso tierno
Flor FLO6124
36 years
157 cm
-- kg
Guadalajara / Mexico
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honest sincero
Esmeralda ESM7046
31 years
161 cm
58 kg
Guadalajara / Mexico
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I'm a happy person, I like to be sincere and i don't like to xxxxx or when people xxxxx . I love music, cooking, reading, watching movies, swimming and walking specially in the nature and I also love traveling. I'm looking for a sincere, sweet and intelligent boy that makes me laugh all the time!
Pamela PAM9843
24 years
155 cm
63 kg
Torreon / Mexico
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Llena de curiosidad
Lourdes LOU9061
58 years
166 cm
72 kg
Xalapa / Mexico
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Joselin JOS0434
18 years
150 cm
57 kg
Xochimilco / Mexico
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